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Survive the wild ride in 2021

A warm welcome to those seeking counselling during some pretty strange times. From pandemic to politics and race relations, you may be wondering: What is the role of therapy now, when many problems feel much bigger than the individual?

For some, the answer is simple: What is going on does not mean that your own healing journey has to take a back seat. Many are engaged in therapy in the same way they were before, because health is always a worthwhile investment. 

For others, therapy in 2020 and beyond is about staying grounded, connected, and positioned to do the very best you can with what you have. It is processing the emotions that come up so that they don’t take you over. It is managing your expectations of yourself and how you are treating yourself. It is navigating relationship changes and challenges so that your relationships remain strong and healthy. It is a necessary safety net, for some, during one of the most difficult periods they will experience.


Finally, it is about receiving new opportunities and possibilities amidst the loss. Change and loss are stressful, yet indivisible from cleared space and new beginnings. What you choose to do with it can change your life for the better.

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