Principles of my Practice

I am working towards a world where everyone feels comfortable in their own skin, connected to community, and connected to all life.

Bridge Over River
Image by Ryan Parker

Connect to others with all of my attention.

When interacting you, I make every effort to be 100% present, rested, and focused.

Image by Aleksandr Ledogorov

Show up as myself rather that who I “should” be.

My role is to act as a source of support, not authority. I show up for my clients without needing to be right or pretending I have all the answers. If I make a mistake, I acknowledge it and make reparations.

Image by Gustavo Espíndola

Invite pauses and breath.

Sometimes there's so much going on that there isn't any room to move! By allowing pauses and breath, we create new spaces to grow into.

Image by Tyssul Patel

Offer the highest standard of care that I can.

This means doing the extra work of research, consultation, and training. It means making myself as available as possible and being willing to do the hard thing, not the easy thing.

Image by Jen Theodore

Support mental health 

I provide free mental health education and support through articles, Instagram, and other online content. It is important that everyone can access the tools they need to learn and grow.

Image by Sean O.

Live as I support others in living.

Knowledge may come from a textbook, but I believe the only way to truly understand something is to try it. I practice what I preach so you can be confident that I know the territory, not just the map.