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Core Values: Services


When people are vulnerable, standards of integrity are of the upmost importance. To protect sometimes doing the hard thing by, but the right thing. How to ensure there is a safety net in place. Integrity with information. Work towards protecting all that confidentiality requires. When no ones watching, being able to do the right thing. Best practices are not a choice but a core value. How you we move through life.

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Core Values: Services
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Showing up as who you are, and who I am. If you are your authentic self, it allows for others o do the same. Honouring yourself, and the intentions that you have….
People are allowed to be who they are. Flawed, a work in progress, and beautiful in their authentic state.
Modeling behaviour and how to interact with the world
Permitting people to be the way they are. To show up however they are, in what ever sate that will allow them to feel comfortable.

Core Values: Services


Counselling is about learning & growing. When I look at the creatures in the world that are expanding the most, are children and baby, animals… The instinct of play is necissary &  inherent. And they learn the most.
Being in a state of fun, and joy, it streamline changes. It permits change to happen.
Fun in spirit allows people to engage with concepts. They can be touched upon and explored without being dragged into a downward momentum. Engaging with problems in a productive or even joyful way.
Without fun, the things get heavy
They get stuck. With out a sense of fun, fear of change can overload the system, creating fight or flight or freeze responses.

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Core Values: Services
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A sense of open-mindedness and being willing to look at something and let it reveal itself to you, vs. deciding what it is.

Following the information and being curious about it.

Removing judgement. When your curious, you are in a gathering a state... you are knowledge seeking.

By the time people decide counselling is the path they would like to follow, They have made a lot of decisions about who they are, where their problems may stem from. Being curious can help uncover what could be wrong about their judgements or decisions thy have made about themselves. Pre-conceived notions may taint reality. Who they truly are.

A lot of these assumptions, or decisions are wrong, or untrue. They could even be judgements internalized from an external source.

Curiosity is about observing & exploring. Rather than analyzing

"It ain’t what you don’t know that gets you into trouble. It’s what you know for sure that just ain’t so."

~Mark Twain

Core Values: Services


People often unknowing choose to be consistent rather then implanting tools that can help with a  solution. There is comfort in the status quo. There is comfort in familiarity. so much so that ta bad situation seems more comfortable than seeking help or finding a way to get better. Any step taken towards healing is courageous. Seeking help takes courage.

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Core Values: Services
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Freedom in choice. You can choose to heal. You can choose to take the first step in any direction you want. You can choose what parts of your past & upbringing to incorporate into your life. You can choose what to hold onto. And you can choose what to release.
Building your life the way you want it, instead of what you “should” be working towards.
You have freedom of choice. You are free to accept things into your life, accept help, accept that there will always be a listening ear, and accept support. You are also free to choose what form that comes in.
Your freedom means your choice.
Your free to engage in this healing journey, and free to stop when you need a break.

Core Values: Services


As a culture we sometimes have a problem with hard work. Working harder is used as a blanket solution to all our problems.
People can be stuck trying to break down a wall when there could be a doorway right next to it. A path not readily taken does not need to be difficult.
We sometimes forget that life does not have to be hard. That some of our choices an make life easier, and with this ease, healing can begin. And become sustainable.

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Core Values: Services
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