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I help people who struggle with mood, anxiety, and self-worth change their lives for the better

These issues can make every day a struggle and get in the way of living the life you want.

Do any of the following apply to you?

  • I struggle to take risks and invest in myself

  • I would never treat someone as badly as I treat myself

  • I evaluate myself constantly

  • I need a lot of kindness, understanding, and love from others because I get none from myself

  • I feel emotions strongly

Take a breath, and imagine what it would be like to feel completely at home in your own body. Imagine showing up for yourself like a trusted, life-long friend that you know will always have your back. Self-worth isn’t about being perfect, it’s about feeling complete just as you are, even when you make mistakes and still have a lot to work on. Through therapy, you will learn that mental health and wellbeing is a skillset available to anyone. Together we will practice the skills of self-allyship and managing or healing internal issues so that you have the freedom to make choices and build the life you want. 

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If you are looking for mental health support, call or email to book a free phone or video consultation to ask questions and determine if we are a good fit to work together.

Not in the right place to begin counselling at this time? That’s fine! You don’t need to be a client to have company along your journey of wellness and healing. Follow me on Instagram for easy tools and reminders that you can apply in daily life.

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Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

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